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Christian Counseling - (Integration model)


CAPS. Professional association of Christians
Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Professional Counselors, Pastoral Counselors, Psychiatrists, Professors & Researchers, Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurses, Guidance, Counselors, Students & Professionals in Training.  Understanding of the relationship between Christianity and the behavioral sciences at both the clinical/counseling and the theoretical/research levels. Fellowship among Christians in psychological and related professions. The spiritual, emotional and professional well-being of our members. Educational and research opportunities that assist the profession and the community at large.


CCEF: The Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation.
How does the Gospel apply to the difficult and thorny problems of life?
How do I answer those who have been so influenced by worldly ways of thinking?
How are we to use the Scriptures in counseling?
How are hearts truly changed?
What does lasting change look like?


Biblical Counseling - Antipsychology


NANC: National Association of Nouthetic Counselors.
The National Association of Nouthetic Counselors is a fellowship of Christian pastors and laymen who have banded together to promote biblical counseling. NANC was founded in 1975 in service to Christ to address several needs in the biblical counseling community.


International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC)
Open to pastors, elders, counselors and lay people across the world who want to help fellow believers deal with their problems by understanding and applying God's Word. You do not have to be a "professional" counselor to join IABC , but you must have an unswerving commitment to the sufficiency of Scriptures as the essential means for the healing of the inner man.


The National Association of Certified Christian Counselors.
Christ-centered Counseling. A Christ-centered approach is appropriate, not  only because the objective is to guide the counselee in a manner that will improve his or her Christian walk but also because. Jesus Christ Himself introduces the model for all of the concepts or principles.


T h e r a p i a
At Terapia, we seek to cultivate both psychological and spiritual health,
drawing on the vast resources of the Eastern Orthodox Faith tradition



Institutes - Cources


Doctoral (Ph.D. and Th.D.)
Studies in Religion and Personality


Neuroscience, Persons and Christian Theology
St. Joseph's College, University of Alberta,


Religion and Psychology
Degrees Offered: Ph.D.


Christian Psychology in Russia
Dennis Bowen


Pastoral Care Ministries


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Christian Clinical Counseling
South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary


Neuroscience, Persons and Christian Theology
St. Joseph's College, University of Alberta


Psychology and Spirituality
Pastoral Ministries Program, Santa Clara University


Mentoring and the Discipleship of Adolescents: Research and Applications to the Church
Wayne T. Aoki Patricia A. Engert Anne A. Turk
Richard Wilson Jennifer Chen Elizabeth Latu


Dr. William F. Lawhead, Fall 1999


Philosophy of Religion


Western Oregon University: Science & Religion


Science, Religion, and Nature in the Age of Galileo
Course Syllabus and Commentary
Instructor: Sean Cocco


John Templeton Foundation
John Templeton Foundation is to pursue new insights at the boundary between theology and science through a rigorous, open-minded and empirically focused methodology, drawing together talented representatives from a wide spectrum of fields of expertise. Using "the humble approach," the Foundation typically seeks to focus the methods and resources of scientific inquiry on topical areas which have spiritual and theological significance ranging across the disciplines from cosmology to healthcare.


"Psychiatry, medicine of the soul"
The International Association of Spiritual Psychiatry was founded in 1994 to promote the integration of the spiritual dimension into modern medicine, psychology and psychiatry.

Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute's
The Program for Psychology and Religion serves clergy and those in religious communities, candidates for religious life, seminarians, lay ministers, and people of faith. We seek to integrate effective scientific methods of care with the long tradition of spiritual healing. The program team also coordinates a special program for lay persons of faith with the same emphasis on integrating spiritual and religious issues in clinical care.
The Therapon Institute and Belief Therapy.
The basic concepts of the working model were first developed by psychologist Albert Ellis as Rational Emotive Therapy. Other elements of the model were unfolded in the best seller, Search for Significance, by Robert McGee. Dodson's presentation of his version of the two at a Recovery Conference in Carlin's church turned the lights on for him. TheoPhostic Counseling, developed by Dr. Ed M. Smith, presented the strongest evidence that the name Belief Therapy was an accurate description of what Carlin was trying to say. Dr. Neil Anderson's writings have also influenced Carlin's thinking. Christian psychologists Dr. William Backus and Dr. Christ Thurman have powerfully influenced Dr. Carlin's thinking.



 American Psychological Association:
Division 36 -- Psychology of Religion



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